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  • Variety of partners
  • Discreet and secure environment
  • Easy to use platform
  • Variety of activities available
  • Open-minded community
  • Lack of screening process
  • Unverified profiles
  • Limited geographical reach
  • Inaccurate user data


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Swingers Heaven Review 2023


Swingers Heaven is an online dating platform that caters to people interested in exploring the swinging lifestyle. It was launched in 2003 and has since become one of the most popular apps for swingers, with over 500,000 active users worldwide. The app offers a safe space where couples can meet other like-minded individuals who are looking to explore their sexuality together. Swingers Heaven also provides resources such as advice columns and forums so members can connect with each other on a deeper level than just physical attraction or sexual desires.

The app is owned by Global Personals Ltd., which operates out of London but serves customers from all around the world; it’s particularly popular in countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Brazil due to its large user base there. As far as pricing goes – yes! Swingers Heaven does offer free access for basic features including profile creation & browsing through profiles (but not messaging). For those wanting more advanced options like unlimited messages or video chat capabilities then they will need to upgrade their account via subscription plans starting at $14/monthly fee up until $99/yearly fee depending on what package you choose .

In addition ,the mobile version of this website called “Swinging App” allows users easy access when away from home – available both iOS & Android devices plus desktop computers too ! To register , simply enter your email address followed by some personal information about yourself along with uploading few pictures after agreeing terms & conditions – once approved your ready start searching right away !

All things considered – if you’re curious about exploring new avenues within relationships whether it be monogamous vs polyamorous lifestyles etc…then look no further because Swinger’s heaven may have something perfect suited just for you!

How Does Swingers Heaven Work?

Swingers Heaven is a mobile app that provides users with an easy and convenient way to meet like-minded people. The key features of the app include its intuitive user interface, detailed profile options, search filters, messaging system and community forums. It allows users to create profiles based on their interests in swinging activities such as group sex or partner swapping. Profiles can be searched by location so you can find other swingers near you or from around the world who share your same desires for exploration into this lifestyle choice. With over 500 thousand active members across five countries (United States, United Kingdom, Canada Australia & New Zealand), Swingers Heaven offers plenty of opportunities for connection with others looking to explore similar experiences within the swinger’s lifestyle community.

The platform also has several different types of membership levels which offer varying degrees of access depending on what type of experience each individual member wants out it; ranging from basic free accounts all the way up through premium paid subscriptions offering additional benefits such as unlimited messages per day and exclusive content only available at higher tiers . Additionally there are special interest groups tailored towards specific kinks/fetishes that allow more focused searches when seeking potential partners in playtime fun!

For those just starting out exploring their own sexuality within this realm there are many helpful resources available including educational articles about how best navigate safely while engaging in these activities plus support networks providing guidance should any issues arise during participation – making sure everyone feels comfortable enough to enjoy themselves without fear judgement or harassment being experienced along journey .

When searching for matches one will have numerous ways filter results whether by age gender sexual orientation physical characteristics etc allowing them quickly narrow down list prospects they feel most attracted too , then once chosen may either send private message chat room if both parties agree engage further communication before deciding take next step meeting person face-to-face date night !
Finally after getting know someone better becoming friends perhaps even lovers time come venture outside virtual space get real life action ; where true magic happens ! Whether going clubbing attending events hosting house parties participating orgies whatever tickles fancy always good idea bring extra dose protection ensure safety yourself well fellow partygoers having worry anything but pleasure moment taking part some wildest fantasies dreams ever imagined living fullest possible every single opportunity comes away !

  • 1.Private chat rooms for couples and singles to meet and connect.
  • 2. Video profiles of members, so you can get a better sense of who they are before meeting in person.
  • 3. Events calendar with upcoming swingers parties and events around the world that you can attend or join virtually from home if desired
  • 4. Verified member system which ensures all users have been verified as real people by our team
  • 5 .Advanced search filters allowing members to find exactly what they’re looking for quickly
  • 6 .Secure payment gateway providing safe transactions when paying for membership fees

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the Swingers Heaven app is a simple process. To begin, users must download the app from either Google Play or Apple Store and then open it to start registration. They will be asked for basic information such as their name, email address, date of birth and gender preference before being taken through to create an account profile with photos that are visible only to other members who have been approved by them. After submitting these details they will receive an activation link via email which needs clicking in order for their account creation process to complete successfully. Once registered users can browse profiles of others looking for swinging partners or events nearby using advanced search filters like age range and location radius; send messages; join chat rooms; view event listings etc., all within a secure environment monitored by moderators 24/7 ensuring safety at all times while enjoying full access features without paying any subscription fees! The minimum required age allowed on this platform is 18 years old so anyone below this should not attempt registering as it’s strictly prohibited..

  • 1.Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • 2. All participants must provide valid photo identification upon registration.
  • 3. A signed waiver is required for all activities and events held by Swingers Heaven, including a liability release agreement that acknowledges the risks associated with swinging activities and releases Swingers Heaven from any legal responsibility or damages resulting from participation in such activities or events
  • 4. Couples are expected to follow the established rules of conduct while participating in swinging activities onsite, which includes respecting other couples’ boundaries and refraining from engaging in sexual activity outside designated areas within the premises (e.g., public restrooms).
  • 5 .All guests must adhere to dress code guidelines set forth by Swingers Heaven; this may include wearing lingerie/underwear-style clothing during certain hours as well as adhering to specific color schemes depending on event type (i..e black & white attire only).
  • 6 .Participants are encouraged but not obligated to bring their own lubricant products if desired; however, these items will need to be approved prior entry into any swingers heaven facility before being allowed inside due safety concerns related with product ingredients used etc… 7 .A zero tolerance policy applies when it comes alcohol consumption – no one under 21 is permitted access nor can anyone consume alcoholic beverages while attending an event hosted by Swinggers Haven regardless of age status etc… 8 Participants agree that they shall abide strictly by all applicable laws governing behavior both off-premises during after parties/events organized through SwinggersHeaven website platform services provided

Design and Usability of Swingers Heaven

The Swingers Heaven app has a modern and stylish design with bold colors that make it easy to navigate. It is intuitively laid out, making it simple to find profiles of other people in the community. The usability of the app is great; all features are easily accessible from the main menu bar at the bottom, allowing you to quickly access what you need without any fuss or confusion. With a paid subscription there are some UI improvements such as larger profile pictures for easier viewing and more detailed search options for finding potential partners.

User Profile Quality

Profiles on Swingers Heaven are public and can be viewed by all users. There is a custom bio section for each profile, allowing users to share more about themselves if they choose. Users have the ability to add friends or favorite other profiles in order to stay connected with them easily. Privacy settings allow users control over who sees their content and what information is shared publicly, such as location info which can be hidden from view if desired. Google or Facebook sign-in features are not available but there appear to be few fake accounts present on the site so far. Location info reveals city name only without any indication of distance between two locations; however premium subscription holders may benefit from advanced search options that include this feature as well as additional benefits like unlimited messaging access etc..


Swingers Heaven is an online dating website that provides a platform for people interested in swinging and other related activities. The site offers several features to make it easier for users to find potential partners, including search filters, messaging tools, profile creation options and more. Some of the main advantages of using Swingers Heaven include its wide range of user profiles from all over the world; its detailed search filters which allow users to narrow down their results quickly; as well as various safety measures such as secure payment processing and privacy settings.

The main disadvantage associated with Swingers Heaven is that there are no mobile apps available at this time – only a desktop version can be accessed through any web browser or computer device. This means that those who wish to use the service on-the-go will have difficulty doing so without access to a laptop or PC firstly before they can begin searching for compatible matches via their smartphones or tablets instead. Furthermore, due not having an app also limits how many members may join since some prefer convenience when signing up rather than having limited access solely on computers alone – although these issues could potentially be addressed if one was developed in future updates too!

Safety & Security

Swingers Heaven is committed to providing a secure environment for its users. The app uses several layers of security measures, such as verification methods and manual photo reviews, to ensure that all members are genuine swingers looking for meaningful connections. To protect against bots and fake accounts, Swingers Heaven requires new users to verify their identity by submitting a valid government-issued ID or passport before they can join the platform. Additionally, two-factor authentication (2FA) is available on the app so that each user’s account remains safe from malicious actors trying to gain access without permission.

The privacy policy at Swingers Heaven ensures complete transparency when it comes to how personal data is collected and used within the application; this includes clear guidelines about what information will be shared with third parties in order for them provide services related directly or indirectly with our service offerings including marketing activities like promotional emails etc., All sensitive data such as credit card numbers are securely stored using encryption technologies making sure no unauthorized person has access over your private details ever!

Pricing and Benefits

Swinger Heaven is a popular app that connects swingers and other couples who are interested in exploring the lifestyle. It offers users access to thousands of profiles, as well as various features such as chat rooms, events listings, and even video streaming. The question many people have about Swingers Heaven is whether or not it requires a paid subscription for full access to its services.

The answer is yes – while some basic features can be accessed without paying anything at all, most of the more advanced options require an active subscription plan from one of their two available tiers: Premium ($29/month) or VIP ($59/month). These plans offer exclusive benefits like unlimited messaging with other members on the platform; priority support; additional profile views; discounts on special events hosted by Swingers Heaven; private photo albums & videos accessible only to subscribers and much more!

In terms of pricing competitiveness compared to similar apps offering similar services in this space – Swingers heaven appears competitively priced when considering what you get for your money. They also provide flexible payment options including monthly subscriptions which allow customers greater control over how they pay for their membership if needed (as opposed to having just one annual option). Additionally there’s no long-term commitment required so users can cancel anytime with no penalty fees involved either way – meaning refunds will always be provided should someone decide against continuing after signing up initially!

Overall then it looks like getting a paid subscription could certainly prove beneficial depending upon individual needs & wants within this niche market segment – however ultimately each user must weigh up these pros vs cons themselves before making any decisions here accordingly…

Help & Support

Accessing support on Swingers Heaven is easy and straightforward. The website offers several options for users to get help with any issues they may have.

The first option available is the contact page, which can be found at the bottom of every page on Swingers Heaven’s website. This provides a form that allows users to submit their query or issue directly to customer service representatives who will respond within 24 hours in most cases. Additionally, there are email addresses provided for more specific queries such as billing inquiries or technical problems related to account access and navigation of the site itself.

Another way customers can access support from Swinger’s Heaven is by calling their toll-free number during normal business hours (Monday through Friday 9am – 5pm EST). Representatives are standing by ready answer questions about membership packages, subscription plans, general information about using the site etc., all while providing helpful advice when needed . For those looking for quick answers without having direct contact with someone else ,there’s also an FAQ section located at the top right corner of each page containing commonly asked questions and detailed explanations regarding various topics related to swingers heaven services .


1. Is Swingers Heaven safe?

Swingers Heaven is a website that provides an online platform for people interested in the swinging lifestyle. The site has taken steps to ensure its members’ safety, such as verifying all profiles and providing detailed guidelines on how to stay safe while engaging with other users. All interactions are monitored by moderators who take swift action against any inappropriate behaviour or content posted on the site. Members can also block anyone they don’t feel comfortable interacting with, and report any suspicious activity directly to Swingers Heaven’s support team. Additionally, the website encourages its members not only to practice common sense when using their services but also be mindful of their own personal security measures like meeting new contacts in public places rather than private residences or hotel rooms until trust is established between both parties involved.

2. Is Swingers Heaven a real dating site with real users?

Swingers Heaven is a real dating site with real users. It has been around since 2001 and it claims to be the world’s largest online swingers community, connecting thousands of people who are interested in exploring alternative sexual lifestyles. The website offers various features such as photo albums, forums, chat rooms and video messaging services for its members. In addition to this, Swingers Heaven also provides an extensive directory of clubs and events that cater specifically to swinging couples or singles looking for partners with similar interests. Although the site does not offer any matchmaking service per se, many users have found success in meeting potential partners through their profiles on the platform or at one of their hosted events throughout Europe & North America.

3. How to use Swingers Heaven app?

Using the Swingers Heaven app is easy and straightforward. First, users must download the app from either Google Play or Apple App Store. Once downloaded, they can create an account by providing basic information such as their email address and a username of their choice. After creating an account, users will be able to access all features available on the platform including searching for other swingers in their area using filters like age range and gender preference; messaging potential partners with private messages; setting up events where swingers can meet each other offline; uploading photos to share with others in order to attract more attention; joining groups related to swinging lifestyle topics that interest them most among many others. With its simple interface design yet powerful tools, Swingers Heaven makes it easier than ever before for couples who are interested in exploring this exciting world together!

4. Is Swingers Heaven free?

Swingers Heaven is not a free service. It requires users to pay for access in order to use the website and its features. The cost of membership varies depending on what type of subscription you choose, but it can range from $9 per month up to $50 per year or more for premium memberships that offer additional benefits such as exclusive content and discounts on products and services related to swinging lifestyles. In addition, some local swingers clubs may also require an entrance fee upon arrival at their events which could add extra costs onto your overall experience with Swingers Heaven.

5. Is Swingers Heaven working and can you find someone there?

Swingers Heaven is a website that provides an online platform for swingers to meet and interact with each other. It has been around since 2001, so it has had plenty of time to build up its user base. The site offers various features such as forums, chat rooms, photo galleries and more which make it easy for users to find someone who shares their interests or lifestyle choices. While the site does not guarantee any specific results in terms of finding someone compatible with you, many people have reported success stories from using Swingers Heaven over the years. Ultimately though whether or not you can find someone on this website will depend largely on your own efforts in searching through profiles and interacting with potential matches online before meeting them face-to-face if desired.


In conclusion, Swingers Heaven is a great app for finding partners for dating. Its design and usability are intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate the platform. The safety and security features of the app are excellent; users can rest assured that their personal information will remain secure at all times. Help & support from customer service representatives is also available if needed – they respond quickly with helpful advice when contacted via email or phone call. Finally, user profile quality on Swingers Heaven is high; most profiles contain detailed information about each member’s interests as well as photos which make it easier to find compatible matches based on shared preferences. All in all, this makes Swingers Heaven an ideal choice for those looking to explore different types of relationships without compromising privacy or security concerns!

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